Mount Pleasant Cemetery to reopen, but not for Mother's Day

Mt Pleasant cemetery

There's good news and bad news, when it comes to reopening Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

The good news, it will be reopened as of Thursday. The bad news, it won't be open on Mother's Day.

Councillor Josh Matlow tells NEWSTALK 1010 that the cemetery will be open starting today, from 5:30pm until 8pm, Mondays through Saturdays. But it will be closed on Mother's Day.

The cemetery will be open on Sundays, starting on May 17th, from 3:30pm to 8pm.

Mother's Day is one of the busiest day at the cemetery, and for that reason, health officials have decided to close it for that day.

Matlow says it's important to get the large area of green space open, to be enjoyed by the public again.

"It is a sacred place for those who are buried there, but it is also a place for those of use who seek peace and recreation," says Matlow. "We would far rather have these larger, open spaces where we can safely distance ourselves and partake in physical and mental health, rather than jump into a live lane of traffic, everytime we're trying to get six feet between us and someone else."