NEWSTALK 1010 GETS ANSWERS: Bike rack to be moved after resident complains

Bike Share

Some good news for a Toronto man is calling on his city councillor for a response over a problem, he believes, should be an easy fix.

Brett Dakin says he and his neighbours were upset about a new Bike Share rack that's going up right outside their windows.

Dakin rents a ground floor apartment at Shaw and Douro Street, south of King Street. The bike rack would be directly outside his bedroom.

"It's...going to disrupt my sleep and it's going to increase transient traffic into an otherwise very, very quiet section of King Street," he told Moore in the Morning.

He says he, his neighbours, and his landlord have reached out to Councillor Joe Cressy but have not received a response.

"All I wanted was Joe Cressy to respond to me so we could have a conversation," Dakin says. "I felt really confident if someone from his team came to my location and looked at it, they would agree."

Dakin even suggested several alternative spots for the Bike Share rack nearby and says there are two others within a half block.

He says they are not against Bike Share but, "we want to make sure we're putting the Bike Share locations in an area where everyone can access them but it's not going to disrupt our peace of mind."

Councillor Cressy's office did get back to NEWSTALK1010 on Monday afternoon, with some positive news.

"We heard about these concerns from a few different residents last week and our office responded to everyone before the weekend. We let them know that we'd look into it with Bike Share and see if there could be other options for locating the docking station nearby, to address their concerns.

This morning, Bike Share staff confirmed that the docking station has not yet been installed and will not be installed at this specific location. We're actively working with Bike Share to find a better location nearby that is less disruptive for residents while still providing local access to the service. We'll be providing that update to the residents early this afternoon."