Nine more students have yearbook entries altered at Pickering high school

From Telemaque's aunt's Facebook post this past weekend

Durham Police say the recent high school graduate in Pickering who had his heartfelt yearbook tribute to his late grandmother altered in a racist way isn't alone. 

Dave Selby with the force says another nine students from St. Mary's Catholic Secondary School had their passages tampered with as well. 

"One other one was sort of racist in tone," Selby said. "One had something to do with a female student's body image, another one was sort of an attack at a male student for his grades." 

Selby said the students include boys and girls from various backgrounds. 

Earlier this week, Joshua Telemaque made headlines when he discovered last week that the intended message for his grandmother was changed to reference Harambe, the gorilla shot and killed at the Cincinnati Zoo in 2016 after a child fell in his enclosure. 

Instead of "RIP Grandma. Thank you for guiding me through my four years of high school." the printed words in the yearbook were, "Rip Harambe Dooga booga.O"

Since then, Telemaque has been inundated with support, from a drive-by parade, to messages from athletes and sportscasters, to the Pinball Foundation offering to pay for his college tuition. 

"I'm so appreciative, so grateful for this," he said Wednesday. "It just touched my heart. It's special to me, it means the world to me right now."

But now Selby says this does not appear to have been a one-student incident, as the police investigation continues along with an internal school board probe to discover who is responsible. 

Selby hasn't speculated on what possible charges could come as a result. 

"Now that we're finding that there's nine other students affected, we really want to get to the bottom of it," he said. 

Earlier this week, a spokesperson for the Durham Catholic District School Board told NEWSTALK1010 that initial evidence shows Telemaque's original passage was the one submitted during the final editing process of the yearbook. 

The spokesperson said the board's IT department had also brought in to assist in the investigation as well. 

With files from CP24