No unexpected side-effects from COVID-19 shots given in Canada so far: Health Canada

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

OTTAWA - Health Canada has no reports of unexpected side-effects from patients vaccinated against COVID-19 thus far.

``There haven't been any serious adverse events, or even the mild and moderate adverse events, that have been out of line or different than what we've seen in the clinical trials,'' Dr. Supriya Sharma said in an interview with The Canadian Press Friday.

Sharma, Health Canada's chief medical adviser, is overseeing the vaccine review process.

She said experts look for two things when reviewing data after vaccines are given. The first is whether anything happens that was not observed during the clinical trials, and the second is whether the side-effects that were documented during the trials are more severe or greater in number than what the trials saw.

The answer to both questions in Canada so far is no, said Sharma.

``It seems that the clinical trials are pretty representative,'' she said.