No verdict announced in trial of Michael Spavor

kovrig, spavor

China has put on trial one of two Canadian detained for more than two years in apparent retaliation for Canada's arrest of a senior Chinese telecom executive.

Canada said its consular officials were refused permission to attend the proceedings against Michael Spavor, who is accused by China of stealing state secrets.

Jim Nickel, the Canadian Embassy's deputy chief of mission, says he was told by Spavor's lawyer that the hearing ended today after two hours, but no verdict was announced.

Nickel declined to give other details, citing rules on protecting Spavor's privacy.

The Intermediate People's Court of Dandong, China, says on its website that it held a closed-door hearing against Spavor on charges of spying and illegally sending state secrets abroad.

It says Spavor and his  lawyers were present for the proceedings and the court would pronounce a sentence at a later date.

Fellow Canadian Michael Kovrig is due to go before a court Monday.

The two were detained in December 2018, days after Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou was arrested at the request of the U.S. at the airport in Vancouver.

Both are accused of spying.