One officer hurt in wild takedown on the Don Valley Parkway

The scene of a takedown on the Don Valley Parkway

This was first called in as a reported impaired driver, but it turned into a much bigger deal.

A man is in custody, and a police officer is in hospital with undisclosed injuries after a wild incident on the Don Valley Parway on Tuesday afternoon.

It started at York Mills when callers reported a vehicle had rammed another. The victim, fearing for her safety, took off southbound in an attempt to get away.

But Police say the suspect followed, reportedly taking out a machete in his car at one point, allegedly threatening the woman.

Cops caught up to him just after Dundas and took him into custody.

But it wasn't before the man allegedly rammed a pair of police cruisers before he was taken into custody.

At least one officer was hurt, but the extent of their injuries is still unknown.

No word yet on charges.