Ontario cases under investigation for coronavirus rises, but no more positives


Ontario's medical officials say while the number of cases under investigation for coronavirus continues to climb, the number of positives hasn't changed. 

There's still three confirmed cases of the virus, a couple in Toronto and a young woman in London, who continue to recover while in isolation. 

On Monday, the number of cases under investigation was 26, and that number was up to 62 on Thursday, Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Williams said. 

"Some of that 62 are ones that were clinicians, without a travel history or contact history, due to some reason, they have asked for testing, we're getting more and more of those as part of that 62," he said. 

He said there are individuals who have travelled in China, but mostly outside of Wuhan. 

"We want to make sure we're saying, well even if you weren't in the big city of Wuhan, your concerns may be valid enough that we'd like to talk to you, and we'd like to have you self-monitor or maybe self-isolate," he said. "And if you do get symptomatic, we'll probably will want to test you." 

While the number of cases under investigation are rising, so too are the number of confirmed negative cases. 

As for Ontarians who will be part of the group of Canadians being quarantined at CFB Trenton, Williams said there will be consultation on how to categorize them. 

"If they're identified, they will not be let out until that 14-day period and they're cleared, so will we count those or not, we may have to have a separate category in that," he said. "The cases in Ontario, that's sort of a sense of how is our monitoring."