Ontario hits the pause button on further reopening around the province

COVID 19 Reopening business- Ridofranz

With the number of new cases of COVID-19 creeping higher, the provincial government is taking notice.

Both the premier and the health minister says there's some "concern", with where we're at, with regards to recovery.

Christine Elliot says they are going to take a pause, when it comes to further  loosening restrictions.

That means, your personal bubble will remain at 10 people and we won't see any larger numbers gathered for sporting events or concerts, even if they are outside.

When asked why now, on the same day schools are reopening in parts of the province, Elliot says in a way, it's to help protect children in schools.

"The reality is that spread in the community will also likely mean spread in the schools," says Elliot. "So, we need to limit the spread in the community as much as possible."

The pause will last four weeks, or two, two week cycles of the virus.