Ontario's top doctor warns young people to follow health guidelines


Young people are not immune to COVID-19.

That's the message being reiterated by Ontario's top doctor, who pointed out today that the age group of 20 to 39 years old is responsible for the most cases of the virus.

"We're seeing the other age groups go up, including the highest is the 20 to 39 age group, that has increased and we're concerned always about less than stringent adherence to our public health measures," Dr. David Williams says.

Williams says there's also prolonged health risks that young people need to be aware of.

"Even at that age — some people feel it's a benign issue, the science is still evolving in this regard," Williams says. "We're starting to see some cases where people who have a relatively, they think, insignificant case of COVID-19, later on are having some effects and issues that we're trying to understand the science better... so I wouldn't be too casual about not caring about getting infected, because we still, it's a new disease and we still have much to learn in that regard."

Most of all, Williams says, now is not the time to be flippant about health restrictions and guidelines.