Ontario unveils new elementary math curriculum with coding, budgeting


TORONTO - Ontario is unveiling a new elementary math curriculum today, including learning to code and expanded learning on financial literacy.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce had previously announced a new, $200-million math strategy focusing on a "back to basics'' approach.

He has blamed a decline in standardized testing scores on the former Liberal government's curriculum, which focused on problem-solving that grounds math in its application.

The new curriculum includes financial literacy taught across all grades for the first time, teaching coding starting in Grade 1, and personal budgeting.

Officials say there will be 465 expectations students will have to meet over the course of the curriculum, which is fewer than in the previous curriculum, having removed areas such as temperature that are covered in other subjects.

They say students will also now only get one overall mark for math instead of separate marks for each strand.

To view the curriculum, click here.