PC leader vowing to slash Hydro One, OPG executive salaries

He's disappointed millions are paid out while people are terrified to open hydro bills

Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown is making an election promise targeting top executives at Hydro One and Ontario Power Generation.

If his party is put in charge of the province, he's vowing to slash the steep salaries and compensations being doled out by the Wynne Liberals.

"While hundreds of thousands of people are terrified, terrified, to open their hydro bill, hydro insiders are left pondering whether they are going to buy a new cottage or a new boat."

Last year, OPG's CEO made just over $1 million. The province has given the go-ahead to increasing his salary cap to over $3 million annually beginning this year. At Hydro One, the top five executives had a combined salary of over $11 million.

How does Brown plan on cutting the pay cheques? "As premier, I will have many legislative, regulatory, policy, and persuasive tools at my disposal to ensure executive pay for connected insiders is brought in line with other jurisdictions."

The CEO of Quebec Hydro makes $400,000; the CEO of Hydro One makes $4.5 million when bonuses are factored in.

"These salaries require the ongoing support of the premier of Ontario, the minister of energy. Right now, they support these salaries, they defend them in the legislature. It would not have my support."