Peel Police arrest a "prolific" break and enter suspect

41-year-old Piotr Wroblewski, of no fixed address

Police have a man in custody, who is being called a prolific residential break and enter suspect.

Officers with Peel Regiona Police say the man is facing charges in connection with at least 60 break-ins that happened in several differen jurisdictions.

They also say, this was more than just a smash and grab.

"These seem to be a little more calculated break and enters, where he would surveil potential targets, then conduct a well orchestrated break in," says Constable Kyle Villers with Peel Regional Police. "It seems to be a deliberate calculated attempt to take people's property and in fact, at least one person was targetted on more than one occasion."

41-year-old Piotr Wroblewski, of no fixed address, was picked up at a home in Toronto, but officers say he didn't live there.

What also makes this case interesting, is that police say Wroblewski has been wanted since 2017, but has managed to elude police since then.

"He's aware to the presence of police in the area, and he's keenly observant of people around, so he's been able to avoid detections for these last few years, while still being wanted for these offences," says Villers.

Police say there's a chance he could be facing more charges, with the investigation still open.