Peel Regional Police Chief calling for mandatory pay-before-you-pump

Gas station generic

The Chief of Police in Peel Region has an idea, that may help put an end to the practice of gas n' dashes.

Jennifer Evans pitched the idea to politicians at Queen's Park, to mandate a pay-before-you pump practice at all gas stations.

The pitch comes in response to a spike in the number of thefts where people fill their cars, and then drive off without paying.

Last year in total, there was 15 hundred thefts, which was up from eight hundred the year before. By the end of October of this year, Peel Police had already seen more than a thousand.

Gas station owners have long fought the idea, since the cost to retrofit a pump, could be as high as 30 thousand dollars. And often, when pay-at-the-pump is installed, the station loses the walk-through traffic, of people buying snacks and gum.