Physical distancing no longer possible on TTC vehicles

A rider complained on Twitter after being crammed onto a bus

The TTC is no longer guaranteeing proper physical distancing on its vehicles.

A rider took to Twitter on Tuesday, concerned about the lack of physical distancing they were experiencing on a packed bus. "Curious as to how we're supposed to social distance here?"

"As the city re-opens, social distancing will no longer be possible on our vehicles. As such, if you feel that a vehicle you are on is overcrowded, I would suggest getting off and boarding the next one," the TTC responded. "Apologies for the inconvenience."

In a statement to CTV News Toronto, the TTC said they have been telling customers since June that physical distancing is not always possible anymore.

TTC Spokesperson, Stuart Green, tells CTV NEWS that 92 per cent of all bus trips currently have fewer than 25 people on board, which is half of the bus capacity.