Police believe someone may be killing cats in Woodbridge

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Police have put out a warning to cat owners in Woodbridge, because it appears someone is killing the animals and dumping them in a park.

Since last month, four cats have been found dead in Belair Way Park, near Weston Road and Langstaff. The most recent was found on Sunday.

And police don't think they were killed by animals.

"They were very violent injuries and it's a very sad situation all around," says Constable Laura Nicolle with York Regional Police.

And police are leaning towards the suggestion that someone is behind this.

"They do actually believe at this point, that was most likely a person, and this wasn't accidental."

All four of the cats were found in the same park, and police are warning pet owners in the area, to keep their cats inside, until officers can figure out what's going on.

Anyone who might know something, is asked to call York Regional Police.