Police: Evidence suggests man died by suicide in downtown condo shooting

85 Queens Wharf Rd condo, scene of mass shooting days later

Toronto Police say initial evidence in their probe of a shooting inside a downtown condo building shows that one of three men killed died by suicide.

Police say it will take weeks to form a complete narrative of what happened inside 85 Queen's Wharf Rd, but at this point the believe two men were murdered and one took his own life.

A total of four people were shot Friday night at what Chief Mark Saunders has described as a birthday party inside a condo tower at 85 Queens Wharf Rd. The party was being held in a 32nd floor unit that had been listed for rental on Airbnb.

The three deceased have been identified as 21-year-old Jalen Colley, 20-year-old Joshua Gibson-Skeir and 19-year-old Tyronne Noseworthy.

Police have not explained which of the men died at their own hand. On Monday police shared that Colley's cause of death was a gunshot to the throat, Gibson-Skeir was killed by a gunshot to the abdomen and Noseworthy died from a gunshot to the head.

Investigators have said they believe all the shooters involved are dead.

Speaking with CP24 Monday night, Police Chief Mark Saunders said he didn't think most people appreciated the complexity of this particular case, with evidence spread across multiple floors.

"As a homicide investigator, you have to be so thorough. You don't want to race to the finish line too soon," Saunders said.