Police issue more than $1,000 in fines to alleged cherry blossom tree climber

Police say that they have issued more than $1,000 in tickets to a man who snuck into a closed High Park and climbed a cherry blossom tree.

The City of Toronto closed High Park last week to discourage residents from checking out the cherry blossoms in large numbers but they did set up a 24-hour “BloomCam” so that people could still get a glimpse of the annual rite of spring.

Footage from that camera, which surfaced Monday morning, showed a man walking up to one of the trees with a bicycle under the cloak of darkness. He then climbs up the tree and appears to rest for a moment before coming down. At that point, he is seen dangling and swaying from one of the tree’s branches.

In a series of messages posted to Twitter on Thursday, police said that the “significant media” attention on the incident led to a suspect being identified to police.

They said that the suspected was located on Tuesday and was issued three provincial offence tickets totalling $1,150.