Police issue public safety alert after theft of gaming consoles posted in online ads


Toronto Police have issued a public safety alert, after two separate incidents involving the theft of gaming consoles, that were advertised on the internet.

Officers responded to a call for a robbery around 4 p.m. Monday, November 16, in the area of Glencairn Subway Station.

The 26-year-old victim met with another man who had agreed to purchase the console, posted in an online ad.

The suspect pulled a black handgun during the transaction and demanded the console be handed over, before he fled the area.

In the second incident, about 4 hours later, once again in the area of Glencairn Subway Station, another victim, who was accompanied by a friend, arrived to meet with a prospective buyer. 

The pair were approached by two other men. One of them grabbed the console and ran off.

The first suspect is described as black, about 30-years-old, with a wart on his right hand. He was wearing a navy jacket with a hoodie, black pants and a dark toque.

In the second incident, around 8:30 p.m. Monday, the two suspects were described as black and around 18-25 years of age. One of the men was 5'5" with a medium build and an afro. He was wearing a black nylon jacket and track pants. The other man was about 5'8" with a skinny build and a short afro. He was wearing a 'Chicago Bulls' baseball cap with a red trim on the brim, a dark coat and dark pants.

Police are reminding people buying and selling items through online platforms to exercise caution when arranging to meet in person for the transaction. You're advised to:

  • limit personal information shared with strangers
  • meet in a safe location like a public place with plenty of light
  • trying to stay within areas with CCTV
  • have a friend go with you and let someone know where you are

You can also find detailed safety tips on the various online marketplace platforms.

With files from the Toronto Police Service