Premier concerned about workers abusing CERB

Premier Doug Ford

The premier says it's simple — if you're healthy and get called back to your job, go.

This comes after Doug Ford said in his news conference today that companies have been telling him that they're having a challenging time getting workers back, even as most of the province is in Stage 3.

"Their job might be paying $2,500 or even up to $3,000 and some people, not all, but some people are sitting back and thinking 'I'm going to take the rest of the summer off and I'll collect the $2,000'," Ford said. "I believe in supporting the people that need help, especially through this pandemic when we had to shut everything down. I get that. But now, when we're opening up and we're going into Stage 3 and companies are calling you back, I encourage you to go back to work."

Ford says this hasn't been happening with any specific industry, but all across the board.

"I've been hearing from a lot of employers that they have a tremendous amount of jobs available and people just aren't coming back to work because of the CERB. That's concerning. I understand it, but it's concerning that people aren't going back to work," Ford said.

Ford also pointed out that companies do have the right to terminate your employment if you're called back to work but refuse to go.