Premier Doug Ford to extend the state of emergency for another two weeks

Doug Ford keeps schools closed during COVID-19 pandemic

Premier Doug Ford says the state of emergency will be extended for at least another two weeks in the province.

Ford issued the declaration on March 17, and on Tuesday it was set to expire.

However, the Premier confirmed to reporters on Monday, that the measure would be in place for at least the next two weeks, until April 15th.

And Ford hinted that it could be extended another two weeks after that.

Something else the Premier sounded concerned about, was the stockpile of medical supplies. He indicated a "surge" in hospitalizations could put a strain on that supply.

The reality is, if there is a massive surge of people coming into our hospitals in the next two weeks, our supply lines will be seriously challenged,” he added.

“So every week, every day, every hour we can push back that surge, is another week, another day, another hour that we have to prepare.”

Doug Ford says the province is in the process of trying to acquire more inventory.