Premiers Ford, Moe and Higgs sign new deal on development of small nuclear reactors


The premiers of Ontario, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick have announced a deal to use small nuclear reactors as a means to reduce carbon production.

At a meeting in Mississauga near Toronto, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said small reactors would be a "meaningful action'' to address climate change.

He says he's joining with New Brunswick's Premier Blaine Higgs and Ontario Premier Doug Ford to develop the reactor plan.

Ford presided as the three provinces signed a memorandum of agreement to develop the use of what are called small modular reactors.

Higgs maintains that nuclear power has a high safety record and can be used globally. 

All three of the premiers are opponents of the federally mandated carbon tax.

Meanwhile, as provincial and territorial leaders prepare to gather in Toronto Monday, new survey results suggest two western premiers face some pressure from voters back home.

In a web survey for The Canadian Press, polling firm Leger found 42 per cent of Alberta respondents had a somewhat positive opinion of Jason Kenney, while 50 per cent had a somewhat negative opinion.

In Saskatchewan, 48 per cent of those who took part had a somewhat positive view of Scott Moe, with 36 per cent holding a somewhat negative opinion.

Ontario's Doug Ford, meanwhile, was highly unpopular at home and across the country. 


With files from Heather Seaman