Project Noisemaker sees 1,400 charges laid in Halton Region

One of the vehciles in Project Noisemaker

It was a project aimed at the loud cars and street racers that seemed to have come out of the woodwork this summer.

Halton Police started their investigation back in June, and wrapped it up on October 31st, with more than 1,400 charges laid.

According to Police, the goal was to target vehicles that make loud and unnecessary noise, by modifying their exhaust system, or removing mufflers altogether.

574 of the charges were for drivers made their cars louder than they needed to be.

12 charges were also laid for racing and stunt driving.

Police also say more than 40 vehciles were taken off the road for various defects, improper licences and stunt driving.

They also were able to break up a "mega meet" of more than 800 vehciles, that was set to happen in Oakville on August 22nd.

In that one, the landowner got wind of the meet-up and called police, saying they were not sanctioning the gathering.