Province commits to more direct care for long-term care residents

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The provincial government has committed to one of the first recommendations laid out by the long-term care inquiry.

One-on-one direct care for seniors in those residences will be increased to an average of four hours per day by 2025.

The province made the announcement today, just days before it releases its 2020 budget later this week.

"I made a promise to long-term care residents, their families and their caregivers that we would deliver better care for our seniors," said Premier Doug Ford. "Today, we are delivering on that promise and acting on the early recommendations of Ontario's Long-Term Care COVID-19 Commission. By increasing the hours of daily direct care for residents, we will improve their quality of life and ensure they are more comfortable and safe."

Along with increased direct care hours comes the need for added staff. Minister of Long-Term Care, Dr. Merrilee Fullerton, said the province will announce a new staffing strategy in December.

The government will set hard targets over the next four years to ensure that four hours per resident per day is the standard.