Provincial parties hold meet and greet at Nipissing University

Members of the NDP, Liberal and Green parties attended a meet and greet at Nipissing University's Student Centre on Friday afternoon.

Nipissing students who spoke with CTV News shared some of their main concerns heading into the June 2 election.

"I'm very passionate about the rising gas prices as it's making things very, very difficult to afford," said Harikesh Panchal, a third-year student.

Others were concerned about affordability when it comes to schooling.

"A lot of the grants have been changed to loans, so we're not getting a lot of funding," said Montana Taylor, who's going into her second year at the university.

"After tuition and books are paid, you're left with very little money. If they could find a way to find more money for students to go to school and make it more accessible, (that) would be amazing."

Another student spoke about raising the minimum wage.

"The living wage and the minimum wage in North Bay is so close, I think it's time we address that living wage can be done in every municipality," said Riley Mcentee, who's going into fourth year at Nipissing.

"It's only two and a half dollars more. Let's do it."

Nipissing University Student Union representatives said they are encouraging all students to use their voice June 2 by voting in the provincial election.