UPDATE: Rainfall warning in effect for Toronto

rain - puddles

After nearly getting washed away two weekends ago, then digging out last weekend, we're going to continue the pattern this weekend.

Environment Canada has a rainfall warning in effect for Toronto and  the rest of the GTA.

As much as 35mm of rain could fall overnight on Friday into Saturday, before it changes to snow.

While that's a far cry from what we saw two weekends ago, it's still considerable.

"The ground is frozen and has much lesser a capability of absorbing the rainfall," says Peter Kimbell

The temperature is going to stay warmer than normal for this time of year, so even when it does cool off a little, we'll only be dropping down to around the freezing mark.

"Tomorrow, precipitation should change to snow mixed with rain over the GTA, and we could see small amount of accumulation of snow tomorrow afternoon" says Kimbell. "More than that, possibly 2-5cm in northern York and Durham regions."

There is a risk of freezing rain over the eastern portions of the province, like Coburg and Belleville but "not so much for the GTA," according to Kimbell.

The GTA might be in for a little more snow on Saturday night, but looking forward, the temperature will stay milder than normal.