Rates of human trafficking, highest in Peel Region

A file photo illustrating the problem of human trafficking

For weeks now, NEWSTALK 1010 has been leading the charge, when it comes to raising awareness about the problem of human trafficking in the GTA.

But did you know, that when you look across the country, Peel Region is one of the hot spots?

A recent study by Family Services of Peel, shows that the rates of humna trafficking in Peel, are higher than in any other parts of the country.

As a matter of fact, new data shows the rates of human trafficking in Peel are almost double what they are in the rest of  the country.

Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown tells NEWSTALK 1010, that he's not surprised.

"Because Pearson airport is in Mississauga, it's an entry point where you have individuals taking advantage of Canada's welcoming nature, and preying on the country's most vulnerable." says Brown.

The study shows that 62% of police reported cases originated in Peel.

"And it is in places that you'd never expect, and it's right before your eyes, and it's one of our challenges right now, to stamp out."

Brown says he'd like to see more police resources allocated to help fight this problem, head-on.

"I'd like them to have a tactical unit that would be able to do surveilance, to follow, to track, to investigate." says Brown.

But he admits, he feels the Region of Peel and the Provincial Government are both taking this issue seriously.