RCMP say four dead in helicopter crash in northwestern Alberta

helicopter 2

SPIRIT RIVER, Alta. - RCMP say four people killed in a helicopter crash on New Year's Day were members of the same family.

Sgt. Shawn French says the crash in northwestern Alberta killed two adults and two people under 18.

He says emergency responders arrived at a farmer's field in Birch Hills County after their chopper, a Robinson R44, sent out an emergency signal.

All four occupants of the helicopter were found dead at the scene about 80 kilometres northeast of Grande Prairie, Alta.

French says RCMP are securing and holding the scene while investigators arrive from the Transportation Safety Board, Nav Canada and Occupational Health and Safety.

Birch Hills Fire Chief Tom Morgan, who responded to the crash, says members of the tight-knit community are grieving for the victims' family and friends.