Remembrance Day commercial "That's my Dad!"

Bell Canada Remembrance Day TV Commercial: Poppy


Norm Cash is almost 98-years-old and still out selling poppies to honour Canada's war veterans.

His daughter Cheryl Iacovetta called into the Ted Woloshyn show after hearing him talk about how powerful the commercial is.

Cash is a member of the General Wingate Branch of the Royal Canadian legion.  Iacovetta says he was told about the commercial auditions by his granddaughter.

"He went for an audition, his granddaughter heard about it and they sent him down for the audition.  There was about 12 veterns there." 

"Low and behold, they picked him.  I mean I would pick him, he's my Father." She laughed.

The commercial took about 14 hours to shoot according to Iacovetta.  "He's such a believer in everything and he fought through the war it's (his performance) is so genuine.  I think that's what comes through on this commercial."

Cash got to keep the poppy which is actually from Flanders Field.

Iacovetta said Cash was out Saturday distributing poppies in Toronto.  When asked if he gets recognized, she said sometimes.