REPORT: Everyone who applies for the CERB, will get it

COVID 19 Money-Stadtratte

It's almost like that episode of Oprah, where everyone in the audience gets a car.

But this is cash, and you may have to give it back.

The Toronto Star is reporting that everyone who applies for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, is getting it, whether they qualify or not.

Sounds like easy money, but it's not.

The report goes on to say that government will vet the applications later, and if it is found that you don't qualify, you'll have to pay the money back.

There's been plenty of stories floating around about how easy it is to sign up for the CERB, and find the money automatically deposited in your bank account.

Once the verification process is done though, the government may find that you actually aren't eligible to receive the $2,000 a month for up to 4 months. What happens is that they will claw that money back around tax time next spring.

According to the office of the Federal Minister of Employment, all you have to do right now, is say you need the money, and you'll get it. For now.