LISTEN: Police reportedly have a "working theory" in the Sherman murders


For the first time since the shocking murder of a billionaire couple in Toronto, police are suggesting their investigation is getting closer to answers.

According to a report in the Toronto Star, the homicide squad has a "working theory" in the killings of Barry and Honey Sherman, the couple found murdered in their North York mansion in December of 2017.

The Star reports that one of the five detectives working on the case told a court hearing yesterday that that the team has "an idea of what happened," but has refused to share details about what they believe the real story is.

NEWSTALK 1010 Crime Specialist and former homicide detective, Mark Mendelson, isn't getting too excited about what police are saying.

"A working theory is not a concrete theory," Mendelson tells Moore in the Morning. "It could be just simply how people got into the house or how they were killed."

Police also say they're expecting a high volume of electronic records in the case within a week.

They say they are worried that if the information is released, the potential suspects could take steps to get rid of other evidence.

The information came out as the Star was in court looking to have more than a thousand pages of search warrant material unsealed.