Report: School board spends millions on teacher absences


How much do you think your company spends to cover your absences each year?

According to one report, teacher absenteeism is costing the Toronto public board millions of dollars.

City News reports that the Toronto District School Board spent $96.5 million last year to replace teachers who were away because of illness, religious or personal reasons.

It amounts to about $5,600 for each of the board's 17,000 full time teachers.

The Peel public board spent less than $3000 per teacher.

Ontario's Education Minister says it's something they are keeping an eye on.

A report last year by the auditor general found that the number of teacher sick days have increased since 2012 when the previous government stopped them from carrying over into following years.

The teacher's union suggests that violence against teachers is on the rise and that could be a factor.