Reports: More help could be on the way for businesses

Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario,Canada is seen August 11, 2016.

New reports say the federal government is looking to help more businesses left struggling by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new measures could include changes to allow more businesses to qualify for the government's wage subsidy.

Initially, businesses needed to prove they'd lost 30 percent of revenue, over the same month last year, in order to qualify.

The Globe and Mail and Toronto Star report a draft bill proposes lowering  that number to 15 percent for the month of March after some warned that March revenue wouldn't take into account the full effect of the pandemic.

The threshold would stay at 30 percent for April and May.

The wage subsidy program was expected to cost the government $71-billion.

Government officials are also said to be working with banks on a plan to offer government-backed, interest-free loans for small businesses.