Residents of 650 Parliament, still aren't going home

The apartment building at 650 Parliament Street is seen here in this file photo.

It appears as though residents of 650 Parliament, will have to spend another Christmas away from home.

The building that was decimated by fire in August of 2018, is still not ready to welcome people back home.

1,500 people were forced from their homes when a failure of the electrical system caused a fire in the electrical room.

Since then, the property management company has promised several move-in dates, the first in early 2019. The most recent was "sometime in November." But, all have been delayed.

The most recent delay means it won't be until 2020, before residents may be allowed home.

As a matter of fact, the company says in an update posted on their website, that "Clearly, we are getting closer, and hope to announce re-occupancy details early in the New Year."

In that same update, they say they are in the final stages of cosmetic work, like paint, tile and carpeting.

“Most of our onsite construction trailers have been removed from the site, our exterior work is completed, and we would hope you would agree that from the outside, 650 is once again starting to look like home.”

Some of the residents who once called the building home, have already chosen to not go back, with about 10% terminating their leases, since the fire.

The cost to rebuild the highrise, has been estimated to be between 50 and 60 million dollars.