Rolling protest slows traffic along the 401

A rolling protest on the 401

If you were on the 401 around lunchtime, you may have been stuck in traffic.

It wasn't a crash or a stalled car, but it turned out to be a rolling protest by a contractor who is paid by you, to fix potholes.

Reports indicated it was because workers were upset that they were forced to fill potholes during the heavy rain last week. They claimed it would be work for naught, since the process would be ineffective.

The Ministry of Transportation now tells NEWSTALK1010, that it was the work of one employee, not the Miller Group, the company who employs him.

When asked if the worker would be fired or disciplined, the MTO would only say the 'contractor will deal with the matter internally, and take appropriate action.'

Would that mean he'd be fired, the Ministry again repeated that 'appropriate action would be taken.'

It was the eastbound lanes of the 401 in the collectors between Keele and Yonge that were affected for about half an hour, with crews filling pot holes.

According to the Ministry, there were plans in place to block one lane for the work, outside of rush hour.

But the team fanned out and blocked two lanes at times, slowing traffic to a crawl.

The protest lasted a little more than half an hour.