Sask. family's eviction from home cancelled after accounting error discovered with rent

A Regina family facing homelessness will not be evicted from their government-owned rental unit after it was discovered they owed more than $1,000 in back rent.

It turned out to be an accounting error that left Frank Francouer and his family looking for answers.

Coming to the legislative building twice to plead his case paid off for Francouer.

“I met with the minister and like they said, they were going to look into it and basically they reassured me and this is what I needed,” Francouer said.

The single father of two on social assistance ran into problems after his rent was miscalculated under the new Saskatchewan Income Support (SIS) program. He had been undercharged about $80 a month for nearly a year before a $1,000 back payment was demanded. He couldn’t pay and went to the legislative building for help.

“Frank then had to come to the legislature on two occasions. We raised it in Question Period twice and I understand his issue has been resolved now. His eviction has been reversed, his benefits have been reinstated and he is able to stay in his home with his two boys,” NDP MLA Meara Conway said.

A deal has been struck that will see Francouer pay the back rent owing in installments. The government said, “If a client has questions or concerns, we urge them to reach out to the Ministry of Social Services so the problem can be addressed promptly. We are here to help.”

“They agreed you know to stay the eviction and just enter into the payment arrangement. All this was caused by the SIS program,” Francouer said.

The NDP believes many others could be facing a similar situation. The Minister of Social Services has invited anyone facing homelessness to contact her office for help. In the Francouers’ case, it took persistence but it worked out in the end.