Singh urges voters to ignore Liberal warnings about voting for NDP

Jagmeet Singh

Jagmeet Singh is encouraging progressive voters not to fall for what he says are Liberal scare tactics and instead cast their ballots for the New Democrats with confidence.

The Liberals have spent much of the federal election campaign warning Canadians against voting for the NDP or Greens, arguing that to do so would split the progressive vote and let the Conservatives take power.

Opinion polls have suggested many progressive voters remain undecided with only days left until election day on Oct. 21.

Singh is pushing back against the Liberals while campaigning on Vancouver Island today, where New Democrats hold most of the seats and remain popular.

The NDP leader says progressive voters have a real choice other than voting for the Liberals, who he says let them down over the past four years, and the Conservatives, who have promised billions in spending cuts.

And Singh says unlike the Greens, the NDP would not work with a Conservative minority government under any circumstances.