SIU releases new information in case where one-year-old child was killed


There's new information with regards to a Special Investigations Unit case, where police were involved in a shooting north of Peterborough.

Tragically, in this case, a one-year-old child was shot and killed.

What we do know, is that police were originally called to a home near Lindsay for an alleged domestic incident involving a firearm.

Shortly after, an OPP officer was seriously injured, as was a 33-year-old man, and the child dead.

Investigators now say they have collected three police-issued firearms, which have been sent off for analysis.

A fourth firearm, a handgun, was collected from the suspect's pick-up truck.

A total of 16 officers were involved in the call, and three subject officers and 13 witness officers have been identified.

Two civilians have also been interviewed.

An autopsy on the child is being held tomorrow, but NEWSTALK 1010 has been able to confirm, that he died from a bullet wound.

At this point, we don't know if he was shot by the suspect, or of he was hit from a bullet fired from the gun of an officer.