Smile, drivers in Durham Region are about to be on camera

A speed camera in Durham Region

Photo radar is nothing new for drivers in Toronto, but it's something that is about to go live in Durham Region.

Four photo radar cameras have been in use for since July, but they've been operating in "data collection" mode. On September 8th, the switch will be flipped, which will mean they'll hand out tickets instead of warnings.

Just like in Toronto, no demerit points will be issued, but the fines will be real.

What's shocking about the data collection phase, is that the region found one in four motorists, would have been handed a ticket.

There's one camera in Ajax, one in Pickering, one in Whitby and one in Oshawa.

All are located in "problem areas," where speeding has been historically a problem. And they are also in community safety zones or school zones as per the regulations set out by the province.