Snow is coming, but it'll be heavier in areas to the north and west of Toronto


It's going to start looking more and more like Christmas, especially in some areas.

Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for areas just north and west of Toronto, warning of as much as 25cms of snow falling over the next several days.

It looks like Toronto will be spared of the worst, with a few centimeters of snow expected to fall through the day tomorrow, and more the next day as well. But much of the precipiation will be rain.

As you go north, and west, the white stuff will start piling up.

"Orangeville, southern Dufferin County and Shelburne," says Peter Kimbell from Environment Canada. "If you are driving up through Brampton to Caledon to Orangeville, yeah, that commute will be difficult in the morning because snowfall amounts will be worse."

He says those areas could see 20-40cms by the time things wrap up on Wednesday.

For Toronto, residents could see about 5-10cms total, with much of that falling with the temperatures at or above the freezing mark.

"With proper road treatments, I don't think roads will be that bad," says Kimbell.

That being said, school boards in the region will have to make the call tomorrow, whether it would be a snow day or not.

York Region District School Board has already alerted parents that, in the event of a snow day, all schools will be closed.

For Peel Region, schools will still be open, but only for custodial and central board staff. Parents are being asked to keep their kids home for the day.

In both cases, students are being encouraged to switch to online learning. If you can't, students will not be penalized for missing the school day.