Snowfall warning in effect through tonight, up to 20cm of snow possible


A snowfall warning will remain in effect through tonight.

The city can expect to see 10-20 cm of snow, with the heaviest snowfall amounts north of the 401.

Expect low visibility at times and slippery road conditions. You're advised to drive according to road and weather conditions in your area.

Environment Canada adds, "Ice pellets and rain will likely mix in this evening, further creating sloppy conditions. Hazardous winter weather travel conditions will continue during this time."

Eric Holmes with the City of Toronto tells Newstalk1010 that late last night the city's "anti-ice" trucks - the salt brine trucks - were out on expressways, major roads and bridges, preparing for today's snowfall.  

Holmes notes upwards of 1,500 personnel are available, so the city can deploy staff, equipment and resources wherever they're needed, depending on the severity of a storm.

"The first thing they go to is the expressways and the major roads and that's really where you focus. After that, after the accumulation continues, that's when you get on the neighbourhood roads, so we've got a few hundred salt trucks out on the roads, clearing the streets and they're our first line of defence when it comes to snow. We haven't yet - what we call our levels of service - we haven't met our levels of service for plowing, so you're not going to see a plow out just yet."

Holmes says they're going to give the salt trucks time to do their work tonight and hopefully as the snow continues to fall the roads will stay safe and clear for everybody.

For details on when the city sends out snow plows, check out this link: