Social distancing circles coming to Trinity Bellwoods

Social Distancing circles

After Saturday's chaos at Trinity Bellwoods Park, the city is planning to paint circles on the grass to show people exactly how far they should be from others.

They're called, "social distancing circles" and they've been used in major cities like New York and San Francisco.

In a news release, the city says, "To assist residents with physical distancing, the City is exploring the use of circles painted on the grass, as has been successful in other jurisdictions. This will be piloted in Trinity Bellwoods Park, and staff will evaluate the effectiveness of this measure and may expand it to other destination and high traffic parks in Toronto."

It's not clear when the circles will be painted but in a news conference on Monday, Mayor John Tory told reporters he expects to see a report on that, and other measures the city could take, in the days ahead.

"I expect in the next couple of days, because that's what I've requested, that we will have a report from our officials from all different aspects of the city on how we can make things better," Tory said.