'Something bright and beautiful': New mural painted in Spruce Grove

Spruce Grove has a new mural to help spruce things up.

Located at King Street and McLeod Avenue, the bright and floral mural is part of an effort to help modernize and create a welcoming atmosphere for the city.

Megan Kumpula, the artist, is still considering an official name for it but is thinking of settling on the name “A New Day,” to help recognize the revitalization project being completed in the nearby area.

“This (mural) is kind of the start of that,” Kumpula said. “I just wanted something bright and beautiful for the community.

“Everyone’s really excited,” she added. “Art gives a sense of community. It shows the people of the city that we care.”

The city wanted to choose a local artist to design and paint the mural.

“Spruce Grove is really good for keeping things in the community,” Kumpula shared. “I live just down the road from here.”

Kumpula works at the Edmonton Opera as a set painter. This marks her first mural.

“The process to doing murals is very much the same as you would paint in theatre,” she said.

Monday marks the fourth day of work on the mural. Kumpula aims to finish the project on Tuesday.

Last week, Spruce Grove unveiled another eye-catching mural at the Cumbria Centre.