'Sped up' road construction projects to be announced in coming days

Construction signs on a Toronto street

The city of Toronto is about to hit the gas on some road construction, taking advantage of near-deserted streets during the COVID-19 pandemic

Officials, including the mayor met last week to discuss options to accelerate projects underway and the potential of starting others planned for later early.

John Tory told NEWSTALK 1010's the Rush Wednesday there would be an announcement "in the next couple days" about speeding up some road construction projects. 

"We're on the cusp of being able to tell you what our deliberations are, but we have to get the contractors to come too and say can they do the work faster...to make sure we're doing the right thing," Tory said.

The mayor had a similar meeting about fast-tracking planned work on the TTC Wednesday.

"The transit thing is a little less certain," Tory said. "We're going to be hopefully able to announce some things that'll be accelerated."