Speed cameras may be coming to a street near you

Photo Radar Sign

The City of Toronto says its 50 automated speed enforcement cameras will be moving to new locations starting this week.

It comes as new data shows the number of drivers caught by the cameras continues to decline, "which to me proves that this photo radar is having exactly the intended effect," Mayor John Tory told CP24.

The city says the devices issued a total of 9,719 tickets between September 6 and October 6.

That's down from 22,301 during the first month of enforcement.

The 50 cameras will be moved to the following locations:

  • Ward 1 (Etobicoke North): Golfdown Drive, east of Turpin Avenue
  • Ward 1 (Etobicoke North): Mount Olive Drive, west of Kipling Avenue
  • Ward 2 (Etobicoke Centre): The Kingsway, south of Hartfield Road
  • Ward 2 (Etobicoke Centre): Mill Road, north of Bloor Street West
  • Ward 3 (Etobicoke Lakeshore): Mimico Avenue, west of Station Road
  • Ward 3 (Etobicoke Lakeshore): Stanley Avenue, near Elizabeth Street
  • Ward 4 (Parkdale High Park): Willard Avenue, near Rexford Road
  • Ward 4 (Parkdale High Park): Mountview Avenue, near 51 Mountview Ave.
  • Ward 5 (York-South Weston): Rockcliffe Boulevard, near Rockcliffe Court
  • Ward 5 (York-South Weston): Jane Street, north of Lambton Avenue
  • Ward 6 (York Centre): Ancaster Road, near Plewes Road
  • Ward 6 (York Centre): Dovehouse Avenue, west of Keele Street
  • Ward 7 (Humber River-Black Creek): Topcliff Avenue, near 96 Topcliff Ave.
  • Ward 7 (Humber River-Black Creek): Gracedale Boulevard, near Crimscott Road
  • Ward 8 (Eglinton-Lawrence): Avenue Road, near Castlefield Avenue
  • Ward 8 (Eglinton-Lawrence): Bedford Park Avenue, west of Yonge Street
  • Ward 9 (Davenport): Laughton Avenue, near Talbot Street
  • Ward 9 (Davenport): Ruskin Avenue, west of Perth Avenue
  • Ward 10 (Spadina Fort-York): Denison Avenue, south of Grange Avenue
  • Ward 10 (Spadina Fort-York): Brant Street, south of Adelaide Street West
  • Ward 11 (University-Rosedale): Orde Street, west of Murray Street
  • Ward 11 (University-Rosedale): Essex Street, west of Christie Street
  • Ward 12 (Toronto-St. Paul's): Ava Road, east of Westover Hill Road
  • Ward 12 (Toronto-St. Paul's): Tweedsmuir Avenue, south of Heath Street West
  • Ward 13 (Toronto Centre): Sherbourne Street, south of Wellesley Street East
  • Ward 13 (Toronto Centre): Berkeley Street, south of Gerrard Street East
  • Ward 14 (Toronto Danforth): Dundas Street East, east of Broadview Avenue
  • Ward 14 (Toronto Danforth): Lesmount Avenue, south of Cosburn Avenue
  • Ward 15 (Don Valley West): Erskine Avenue, west of Redpath Avenue
  • Ward 15 (Don Valley West): Thorncliffe Park Drive, near 79 Thorncliffe Park Dr.
  • Ward 16 (Don Valley East): Fenside Drive, south of Roywood Drive
  • Ward 16 (Don Valley East): Underhill Drive, near Beveridge Drive
  • Ward 17 (Don Valley North): Sheppard Avenue East, west of Don Mills Road
  • Ward 17 (Don Valley North): Seneca Hill Drive, west of Don Mills Road
  • Ward 18 (Willowdale): Doris Avenue, north of Spring Garden Avenue
  • Ward 18 (Willowdale): Church Avenue, east of Doris Avenue
  • Ward 19 (Beaches-East York): Kingston Road, near Heyworth Crescent
  • Ward 19 (Beaches-East York): Spruce Hill Road, north of Queen Street East
  • Ward 20 (Scarborough Southwest): Edge Park Avenue, east of Victoria Park Avenue
  • Ward 20 (Scarborough Southwest): Birchcliff Avenue, near Freeman Street
  • Ward 21 (Scarborough Centre): Ellesmere Road, east of Mondeo Drive
  • Ward 21 (Scarborough Centre): Gooderham Drive, south of Murray Glen Drive
  • Ward 22 (Scarborough Agincourt): Birchmount Road, north of Bay Mills Boulevard
  • Ward 22 (Scarborough Agincourt): Southlawn Drive, near Buena Vista Avenue
  • Ward 23 (Scarborough North): McCowan Road, north of Kenhatch Boulevard
  • Ward 23 (Scarborough North): Brimwood Boulevard, near Bridley Drive
  • Ward 24 (Scarborough-Guildwood): Scarborough Golf Club Road, north of Lawrence Avenue East
  • Ward 24 (Scarborough-Guildwood): Holmfirth Terrace, west of Vanwart Drive
  • Ward 25 (Scarborough-Rouge Park): Charlottetown Boulevard, near McCulley Street
  • Ward 25 (Scarborough Rouge Park): Durnford Road, north of Rylander Boulevard