Spooky times in Griesbach for 2nd annual Pumpkin Walk

Hundreds of pumpkins and spooky creatures descended on Griesbach Saturday for the second annual Pumpkin Walk.

The event is organized by the Griesbach Community League. Participants are guided through the neighbourhood, showing off their costumes and listening to Halloween tales.

“It’s like you’re walking through the story - you’re living in the story itself,” said Kelsey Franco with the Griesbach Community League.

The theme of this years’ walk is Red Riding Hood, performers from all over the city are taking part.

“Our attendees have to help deliver the treats to grandma’s house, and they might meet all kinds of spooky creatures along the way,” said Franco.

Over 50 volunteers were involved in the event and over 100 families carved pumpkins for it, added Franco.

“The families in the neighbourhood are really excited to participate again this year, I was getting so much positive feedback from families when they were picking up their jack-o-lanterns about last years’ experience and how much it affected their children.”

All performers able to be vaccinated against COVID-19 were and masking was mandatory to keep people safe at the event, according to Franco.

There was an afternoon session aimed at families with younger children before performers put on some spookier makeup to treat guests to a more frightful evening session.