Starting today, social circles in Ontario can expand


It's good news for Ontario.

If you've been struggling with isolation, have been wanting to give your parents a hug, or share a meal with a friend, today is the day everything changes.

The province has announced that residents of Ontario can start to expand their social circles.

That means you, and up to nine other people, can all agree to form a circle. Once a circle is formed, social distancing doesn't have to apply anymore within that circle.

Each member of the circle, the province says, must promise not to come into close physical contact with anyone else outside of the circle.

Here's where there could be some confusion — the limit on public gatherings is still 10 people. That means you can be around nine other people at a distance of six feet, and it doesn't have to be the same people every time.

With social circles, no distance necessary, as long as you're with the same people.