Starting today, you can get a ticket from a photo radar camera

Photo Radar Sign

Be warned: Toronto's photo radar cameras will begin issuing tickets today.

The city started installing the cameras in December. For the first 90 days, they were only issuing warnings. The cameras were supposed to start issuing tickets in April but that was pushed back because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Drivers caught speeding past one of these cameras will get a fine, but no demerit points.

The fines include the following:

  • 1-19 km/h over - $5 per kilometre
  • 20-29 km/h over - $7.50 per kilometre
  • 30-49 km/h over - $12 per kilometre
  • 50 km/h over - an automatic court summons 

Here are the locations of the cameras. There's also a map on the city's website.

  • Ranleigh Ave. East of Yonge St.
  • Brownlow Ave. South of Eglinton Ave. E.
  • Ridge Hill Dr. West of Old Park Rd.
  • Corona St. South of Claver Ave.
  • Faywood Blvd. Near Laurelcrest Ave.
  • Atlas Ave. South of Ava Rd.
  • Bessborough Dr. North of Field Ave.
  • Caledonia Rd. North of Rogers Rd.
  • Elkhorn Dr. Near Red Maple Court
  • Huron St. South of Bernard Ave.
  • Wilmington Ave. North of Purdon Dr.
  • Bicknell Ave. South of Avon Dr.
  • Gateway Blvd. Near 10 Gateway Blvd.
  • Brookhaven Dr. North of Nordale Cres.
  • Patricia Ave. West of Homewood Ave.
  • Prospect St. East of Ontario St.
  • Derrydown Rd. North of Catford Rd.
  • Lippincott St. South of Vankoughnet St.
  • Spruce St. Near Gifford St.
  • Chatham Ave. East of Jones Ave.
  • Lillian St. South of Abitibi Ave.
  • Grandravine Dr. East of Jane St.
  • Manning Ave. North of Robinson St.
  • Ness Dr. North of York Mills Rd.
  • Givins St. South of Argyle St.
  • Gladstone Ave. South of Cross St.
  • Morse St. South of Queen St. E.
  • Close Ave. South of Queen St. W.
  • Jameson Ave. South of Laxton Ave.
  • Barrington Ave. North of Secord Ave.
  • Cherokee Blvd. South of Pinto Dr.
  • Trehorne Dr. Near Duffield Rd.
  • Main St. South of Swanwick Ave.
  • Beverly Glen Blvd. West of Stonebridge Blvd.
  • Harefield Dr. Near Barford Rd.
  • Marcos Blvd. Near Cicerella Cres.
  • Birchmount Rd. North of Kingston Rd.
  • Silver Springs Blvd. Near Revlis Cres.
  • Chartwell Rd. South of Larstone Ave.
  • Falmouth Ave. South of Brussels Rd.
  • Brimorton Dr. East of Hathway Dr.
  • Renforth Dr. Near Lafferty St.
  • Royalcrest Rd. Near Cabernet Circle
  • Alton Towers Circle Near 295 Alton Towers Circle
  • Horner Ave. East of Foch Ave.
  • Crow Trail Near Bradstone Square
  • Galloway Rd. North of Lawrence Ave. E.
  • Hupfield Trail Near Glanvil Cres.
  • Murison Blvd. Near Curtis Cres.
  • Military Trail East of Cindy Nicholas Dr.