State of emergency declared in Toronto


Toronto Mayor John Tory has declared a state of emergency in the city, mirroring the move made by the provincial government last week.

What that means is that Tory would no longer near council votes on issues, during the pandemic.

"It gives me the authority, under the emergency declaration, to do anything that the city council would do, but it doesn't expand city authority into areas where we don't have jurisdiction," says Tory.

It also allows him to make temporary orders, like closing down parks and playgrounds, in an effort to keep people a safe distance away from each other.

“It allows me to have the flexible power to change things quickly if we have to based on the advice that I receive from the medical officer of health, or the senior public service or the emergency operations people,” Tory said.

It's believed to be the first time the city has announced a state of emergency.

Toronto had already requested that all non-essential businesses close in the city.