Stocking up on cold and flu meds? Don't.

Cold and Flu meds on a shelf

Social media has been a constant stream of misinformation over the last 8 months.

And there's been many people who have been buying into some of the ridiculous stories.

Now, there's some people who have been stocking up on cold and flu meds... thinking it gives them some sort of immunity to COVID-19.

Spoiler alert; It doesn't.

"These remedies wouldn't help someone prevent an infection, nor would it they alter the course and severity of the infection itself," says Jen Baker, a pharmacist and the chair of the Ontario Pharmacists Association.

What she says things like Advil and Tylenol might do is bring down a fever or mask some of the symptoms.

"My advice is to not stockpile these medications at this point in time," says Baker.

She suggests if you are looking for advice, you should contact your pharmacist or doctor, and maybe avoid Dr. Google.

"It's important to get evidence based information."