Storms expected to light up Toronto on Wednesday


Your evening walk shouldn't be affected, but depending how late you're out, you may want to keep an eye to the sky.

Environment Canada hasn't issued a weather watch or warning yet, but say there is some significant weather expected to blow through the GTA on Wednesday evening.

That means thunderstorms, with heavy rain and winds with potential gusts of up to 90 or 100km/h.

But, forecasters say, the storm will mean a change in the air.

"The heat will come to an end, and then we have more pleasant conditions for the rest of the week into the weekend, but cool," says Peter Kimbell from Environment Canada.

He says the rain is expected to move in to Toronto around 9 or 10 o'clock, and will taper off before morning, so it shouldn't affect your day on Thursday.

Some areas of the province will see a much worse version of the storm, with the shores of Lake Erie getting the threat of possible hail, and even the outside chance of a tornado.